Connection Point  Team is committed to hire the very best executive recruiters in the industry. We surround our clients, candidates and associates with meaningful communication and knowledgeable, consultative service. We are here to stay in a world of transient recruiting “experts.”

We are led by passionate recruitment industry. Our leaders provide invaluable insight and understanding to those we serve, and the human capital we have built unmatched anywhere in the recruitment industry.

Executive Leadership

Munmum Singha Chowdhary

Founder of Connection Point Pvt. Ltd.

Entrepreneur, Author and Founder of Connection Point Pvt. Ltd. Munmun has over 10 years experience in the Aviation, Hospitality & Travel & Tourism Industry. Munmun has always had a passion for the human capital side of business and definitely it shows. From her first entrepreneurial venture at 30, she’s understood the importance of driving business performance through people.

Munmun Singha Chowdhury has adeptly built upon the firm’s solid foundation to enhance the company and strengthen its leadership position in the recruiting industry. She has brought in a dynamic new leadership team, emphasized unparalleled customer service, and invested in an extensive outreach program designed to bring new talent, new clients, and new energy to Company. Munmun’s wide-ranging background provides her with a unique breadth and depth of personal and professional insight. She reminds everyone in the company that recruiting is uniquely focused on human capital. As such, Munmun treats company clients, candidates, and associates with uncompromising personal attention. She believes in full disclosure- the Golden Rule  and the importance of exceeding not simply meeting expectations.

Munmun is a highly regarded leader in the recruitment industry and is widely published on career services, executive recruitment, and customer service issues.

Munmun is a firm believer that the key to success in Recruitment Industry is to invest in your recruiters. As a former recruiter herself, she understands at a very personal level that recruiters make or break the company. As she begins to put her own experience on the Connection Point Group, she is making sure that she continues to build the company by retaining and hiring people who passionately believe in the company mission. By doing that, supporting them with the resources they need to thrive, and structuring the organization so that each is connected to the success of the other, she is confident of future success.

In doing so, she sees an almost unlimited future for a company with outstanding people who recruit and place peerless talent.

Management Team

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Arvind Gurung

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Arpan Choudhary

Manju Gurung

Manju Tamang

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Robin Chattarjee

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Rohit Venktash